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<TT>SetDisplayMode(<B>mixed</B> zoom [, <B>string</B> layout])</TT>
<H4 CLASS='st'>Version</H4>
<H4 CLASS='st'>Description</H4>
Defines the way the document is to be displayed by the viewer. The zoom level can be set: pages can be
displayed entirely on screen, occupy the full width of the window, use real size, be scaled by a
specific zooming factor or use viewer default (configured in the Preferences menu of Acrobat).
The page layout can be specified too: single at once, continuous display, two columns or viewer
By default, documents use the full width mode with continuous display.
<H4 CLASS='st'>Parameters</H4>
The zoom to use. It can be one of the following string values:
<LI><TT>fullpage</TT>: displays the entire page on screen
<LI><TT>fullwidth</TT>: uses maximum width of window
<LI><TT>real</TT>: uses real size (equivalent to 100% zoom)
<LI><TT>default</TT>: uses viewer default mode
or a number indicating the zooming factor to use.
The page layout. Possible values are:
<LI><TT>single</TT>: displays one page at once
<LI><TT>continuous</TT>: displays pages continuously
<LI><TT>two</TT>: displays two pages on two columns
<LI><TT>default</TT>: uses viewer default mode
Default value is <TT>continuous</TT>.
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