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//*** Italiano (it) provided by: Matteo Piotto hide@address.com 
function setLanguage(){ 
    $lang['='] = "=";  // "equal"; 
    $lang['>'] = ">";  // "bigger"; 
    $lang['<'] = "<";  // "smaller";
    $lang['add'] = "Aggiungi"; 
    $lang['add_new'] = "+ Aggiungi nuovo"; 
    $lang['add_new_record'] = "Aggiungi nuovo record";
    $lang['add_new_record_blocked'] = "Security check: attempt of adding a new record! Check your settings, the operation is not allowed!";    
    $lang['adding_operation_completed'] = "The adding operation completed successfully!";
    $lang['adding_operation_uncompleted'] = "The adding operation uncompleted!";
    $lang['and'] = "and";
    $lang['any'] = "any"; 
    $lang['ascending'] = "Ascending"; 
    $lang['back'] = "Indietro"; 
    $lang['cancel'] = "Annulla"; 
    $lang['cancel_creating_new_record'] = "Are you sure you want to cancel creating new record?";
    $lang['check_all'] = "Check All";
    $lang['clear'] = "Clear";    
    $lang['create'] = "Crea"; 
    $lang['create_new_record'] = "Crea nuovo record"; 
    $lang['current'] = "corrente";         
    $lang['delete'] = "Cancella"; 
    $lang['delete_record'] = "Cancella record";
    $lang['delete_record_blocked'] = "Security check: attempt of deleting a record! Check your settings, the operation is not allowed!";    
    $lang['delete_selected'] = "Delete selected";
    $lang['delete_selected_records'] = "Are you sure you want to delete the selected records?";
    $lang['delete_this_record'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this record?";         
    $lang['deleting_operation_completed'] = "The deleting operation completed successfully!";
    $lang['deleting_operation_uncompleted'] = "The deleting operation uncompleted!";
    $lang['descending'] = "Descending";
    $lang['details'] = "Details";
    $lang['details_selected'] = "View selected";
    $lang['edit'] = "Modifica";
    $lang['edit_selected'] = "Edit selected";
    $lang['edit_record'] = "Modifica record";
    $lang['edit_selected_records'] = "Are you sure you want to edit the selected records?";   
    $lang['errors'] = "Errors";
    $lang['export_to_excel'] = "Esporta su Excel";
    $lang['export_to_pdf'] = "Esporta su PDF";    
    $lang['export_to_xml'] = "Esporta su XML";
    $lang['export_message'] = "<label class=\"default_class_label\">The file _FILE_ is ready. After you finish downloading,</label> <a class=\"default_class_error_message\" href=\"javascript: window.close();\">close this window</a>.";
    $lang['field'] = "Campo"; 
    $lang['field_value'] = "Valore campo";
    $lang['file_find_error'] = "Cannot find file: <b>_FILE_</b>. <br>Check if this file exists and you use a correct path!";
    $lang['file_opening_error'] = "Cannot open a file. Check your permissions.";
    $lang['file_writing_error'] = "Cannot write to file. Check writing permissions!";
    $lang['file_invalid file_size'] = "Invalid file size";
    $lang['file_uploading_error'] = "There was an error while uploading, please try again!";
    $lang['file_deleting_error'] = "There was an error while deleting!";
    $lang['first'] = "primo";      
    $lang['handle_selected_records'] = "Are you sure you want to handle the selected records?";
    $lang['hide_search'] = "Hide Search";
    $lang['last'] = "ultimo"; 
    $lang['like'] = "like";
    $lang['like%'] = "like%";  // "begins with"; 
    $lang['%like'] = "%like";  // "ends with";
    $lang['%like%'] = "%like%";  
    $lang['loading_data'] = "loading data...";
    $lang['max'] = "max";    
    $lang['next'] = "successivo"; 
    $lang['no'] = "No";        
    $lang['no_data_found'] = "Nessun valore trovato"; 
    $lang['no_data_found_error'] = "Nessun valore trovato! Controlla la sintassi del SQL!<br>Si prega di fare attenzione alla sintassi e ad eventuali simboli.";        
    $lang['no_image'] = "No Image";
    $lang['not_like'] = "not like";
    $lang['of'] = "of";
    $lang['operation_was_already_done'] = "The operation was already completed! You cannot retry it again.";            
    $lang['or'] = "or";    
    $lang['pages'] = "Pagine";        
    $lang['page_size'] = "Lunghezza pagine"; 
    $lang['previous'] = "precedente";    
    $lang['printable_view'] = "Versione stampabile";    
    $lang['print_now'] = "Print Now";
    $lang['print_now_title'] = "Click here to print this page";
    $lang['record_n'] = "Record #";
    $lang['refresh_page'] = "Refresh Page";    
    $lang['remove'] = "Remove";
    $lang['reset'] = "Reset";
    $lang['results'] = "Risultati"; 
    $lang['required_fields_msg'] = "<font color='#cd0000'>*</font> Items marked with an asterisk are required";
    $lang['search'] = "Cerca"; 
    $lang['search_d'] = "Cerca"; // (description) 
    $lang['search_type'] = "Tipo di ricerca"; 
    $lang['select'] = "seleziona"; 
    $lang['set_date'] = "Set date";
    $lang['sort'] = "Sort";    
    $lang['total'] = "Total";
    $lang['turn_on_debug_mode'] = "For more information, turn on debug mode.";
    $lang['uncheck_all'] = "Uncheck All";
    $lang['unhide_search'] = "Unhide Search";
    $lang['unique_field_error'] = "The field _FIELD_ allows only unique values - please reenter!";
    $lang['update'] = "Aggiorna"; 
    $lang['update_record'] = "Aggiorna record";
    $lang['update_record_blocked'] = "Security check: attempt of updating a record! Check your settings, the operation is not allowed!";    
    $lang['updating_operation_completed'] = "The updating operation completed successfully!";
    $lang['updating_operation_uncompleted'] = "The updating operation uncompleted!";
    $lang['upload'] = "Upload";
    $lang['view'] = "Mostra"; 
    $lang['view_details'] = "Mostra dettagli";
    $lang['warnings'] = "Warnings";
    $lang['with_selected'] = "With selected";
    $lang['wrong_field_name'] = "Wrong field name";
    $lang['wrong_parameter_error'] = "Wrong parameter in [<b>_FIELD_</b>]: _VALUE_";
    $lang['yes'] = "Si";
    return $lang; 
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