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This script is a Cryptography tool, it can be used for Crypt Data bases or files without any external       
library, using a strong encryption algorithm developed by Ugo Cirmignani from Rome Italy.       
The unique requirement to use it is to set in the php.ini the option "allow_call_time_pass_reference = On"                                  
To use this script you have to include the file Crypter_V2.php in each page that needs the Cryptography 
Functions usage example :          
$String = X_Crypt_String($String, $Password, TRUE);   // Crypt a String    
$String = X_DeCrypt_String($String, $Password, TRUE); // DeCrypt a String        
X_Crypt_File($Input_Filename,$Output_filename, $Password, TRUE) //Cryptfile ( Return false if any problem )
X_DeCrypt_File($Input_Filename,$Output_filename, $Password, TRUE) //DecryptFile ( Return false if any problem )                                                                                               //
X_Hash( $Input_String ) //Hash String ( Return string hash )																								 //

   Agruments are : $String          ====> Input String                                             
                   $Password        ====> String Password                                                  
                   $Input_Filename  ====> Input File                                                   
                   $Output_filename ====> OutPut File                                                     
                   Boolean value    ====> 'TRUE' od 'FALSE' for Base64 encode

For any suggest or information please contact me at hide@address.com
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