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Thank you for acquiring OpenClassifieds!

To install, follow these instructions:

1.) Log into your server and create a new mysql table for the script, also make sure a mysql user has permissions on the database.

2.) Using PHPMyAdmin or a similar tool, insert the insert.sql file from the "insert" folder into the new database.
It should complete and you will now have tables in your database, entitled: categories, classifieds, members, and settings.

3.) Change the config.php file with your mysql database connection details.

4.) Upload the files to your server where you wish to host the website.

5.) Log into the manager area at http://whereyouhavethefiles/manager/  with username: "admin" password: "password" (without quotes)
From here, click the Edit Admin link at the top to change your admin username and password to a new combination. Do not forget it.

6.) Enjoy the classifieds site. All settings can be change from the administration end.

You may resell as many copies of the script as you own, or if you have a resellers edition, an unlimited amount.

Feel free to email us with any questions, hide@address.com
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