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Contents of this package:
[classes] -- class.rssnews.php
 	 -- class.rssnewsWithCount.php
[css] -- style.css
[js] -- ajaxReaader.js

How to use this package:
1) Load the package to your webserver.
2) Open http://localhost/(packageName)
3) Click on any of the links.
You are done.

How to customize:
1) Open 'index.php' , change as below:-
<a href="#" onclick="makeRequest('titleForNews', 'newsDisplay');">Your News Channel Name Here</a>

2) Open 'caller.php', add/modify the following lines:-
	echo "<h1>Your News Channel Name Here</h1><br>";
	$obj = new rssnews(titleForNews);

3) Open class.rssnews.php, add/modify the following lines:-
$this->url = "Your News Channel Link Here";

4)Open http://localhost/packageName

5)Click on any of the links.
You are done.
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