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<p>Php Addressbook is desinged for personal use. I have tryed to include as many practical features as i could.</p>
<p><strong>Credits:<br />
  </strong>Icons by <a href="http://www.famfamfam.com/" target="_blank">famfamfam</a> <br />
  Thumbnail Script by <a href="http://www.olivo.net/software/imagethumb/" target="_blank">Marco Olivo</a> <br />
  <li>Setup Script </li>
  <li>User Login with encripted password</li>
  <li>Store Data In a Data Base </li>
  <li>Management including add, remove, edit</li>
  <li>Export to CSV</li>
  <li>Export to CSV</li>
  <li>Google Maps</li>
  <li>Search DB</li>
  <li>Printer friendly</li>
  <li>XHTML and CSS2 Standards </li>
<p>Distributed with the GNU General Public License</p>
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