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 * execute PHP code as a file
 * This class is for execute and test simple PHP codes online
 * 09/19/2007
 * version 1.0
class executeCode{
	//work space directory
	private $workDir;
	//the folder for store generated PHP scripts
	private $scriptDir;
	private $scriptFilePath;
	private $scriptFileName;
	public function __construct($workDir, $scriptDir){
		$this->workDir = $workDir;
		$this->scriptDir = $scriptDir;
		$this->scriptFilePath = $workDir.$scriptDir;
	public function run($code, $scriptName=NULL){
		$this->generateScript($code, $scriptName);
		$result = $this->executeCode();
		return $result;
	//mkdir a folder to store code
	private function generateScriptFolder(){
		if (!is_dir($this->scriptFilePath)){
			//I think 0755 will also be OK.
			chmod($this->scriptFilePath, 0777);
	//generate a PHP file to execute
	private function generateScript($code, $scriptName=NULL){
		//if users did not type "<?", then add PHP start and end tag automaticly
		if (preg_match("/^<\?/", $code)){
			$string = stripslashes($code);
		else {
			$string = "<?php\n".stripslashes($code)."\n?>";
		//if users did not appoint the file name, then assign a random name for the file
		if (NULL == $scriptName){
			$this->scriptFileName = $this->scriptFilePath.date("YmdHis").rand(1000,9999).'.php';
		else {
			//if users missed .php extension name, then add it automaticly
			if (preg_match("/.php/isU", $scriptName)){
				$this->scriptFileName = $this->scriptFilePath.$scriptName;
			else {
				$this->scriptFileName = $this->scriptFilePath.$scriptName.'.php';
		file_put_contents($this->scriptFileName, $string);
	//execute files
	private function executeCode(){
		$result = exec("php ".$this->scriptFileName);
		return $result; 
	//show the history of the files which has been executed
	public function showHistory(){
		$history = "";
		$historyTempArr = array();
		//read script folder
		if ($handle = opendir($this->scriptFilePath)) {
		    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
		    	if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {
		        	$historyTempArr[] = $file;
		    //Because I don not know how to list the files from a folder order by name,
		    //so I had to put the files into an array, and rsort the array after that.
		    //Can someone tell me how to list the files from a folder order by name ;-)?
		    foreach($historyTempArr as $_key => $_value){
		    	$history .= "<option value='".$_value."'>".$_value."</option>";
		return $history;
	//read history files
	public function readFile($fileName){		
		$code = file_get_contents($this->scriptFilePath.$fileName);
		return $code;
	function __destruct() {
        //do what you want to do;

//define the constant
//work space directory
define('WORKDIR', '/home/htdocs/');
//the folder for store generated scripts
define('SCRIPTDIR', 'script/');
$ob = new executeCode(WORKDIR, SCRIPTDIR);

if ($_POST['code']){	
	$result = $ob->run($_POST['code'], $_POST['scriptName']);

<form name='submitCode' action='<?=basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])?>' method=post>
<textarea name='code' cols=80 rows=30>
if ($_GET['historyFile']){
	echo $ob->readFile($_GET['historyFile']);
<select name='history' multiple size='20' onchange='javascript:window.location.href="<?=basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])?>?historyFile="+this.value'>
$option = $ob->showHistory();
echo $option;
<input type='text' name='scriptName' size='30'>
<input type=submit>

<textarea name='codeResult' cols=80 rows=10><?=$result?></textarea>

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