Location: PHPKode > scripts > PersistentObject > persistentobject/INSTALL.txt
Author:  Paul Campbell <hide@address.com>
Company: Campbell Multimedia <www.campbell-multimedia.com>
Date:    2nd July 2003

To install:

1. Run the command:  

	mysql dbname < init-customers.sql

  from the pertobj directory.
  ( For PHPMyAdmin users, copy and paste the contents of the 
   init-cusomters.sql file into the query window for your db )

2. Edit the config.php file to use your database username, password and 
   database name choosen in the above.

3. Copy the pertobj to somewhere accessable and executable by a PHP enabled

4. Go to the URL to access the /pertobj/ directory.

5. Access the file test.php 

If you get any errors, please email us at: hide@address.com
Thank you.

For usage see the PersitentObject.php file or email support at the above email
if you have trouble.  There is no gaurentee that I can reply to all mail though. 
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