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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<!-- <!DOCTYPE document SYSTEM "pdftag.dtd"> -->
<document author="Roy Kaldung" title="Sample #2 for pdfTag" subject="Sample #2">
	<page format="A4" color="1,0,0" font="Courier-Bold" size="15" encoding="winansi">
		<openimagefile id="p" type="jpeg" src="http://www.kaldung.de/pdftag/img/debian.jpg"/>
		<openimagefile id="img2" type="png" src="img/openlogo-nd-50.png" />
		<openimagefile id="thumb" type="png" src="img/thumb.png"/>
		<addthumbnail id="thumb" />
		<outline id="sample2"><![CDATA[Sample 2]]></outline>
		<outline id="page1" parent="sample2">Page 1</outline>
		<showxy x="60" y="650" font="Courier" size="20" encoding="winansi">
Use of german Umlaute (&#196;)

		<showxy x="150" y="260">more complex sample for a rectangle</showxy>
		<rect x="150" y="100" width="300" height="150" color="1.0,0.5,0.5" linewidth="3.0" fillcolor="0,1,0" filled="filled" border="border"/>

		<showboxed x="20" y="300" width="400" height="200" mode="fulljustify">
With the element &lt;showboxed&gt; text is filled with a specified mode, like fulljustify, in a box like you see here.

	<!-- here you see the definition of an template -->
	<template id="t1" width="100" height="100">
		<moveto x="10" y="10" color="0,1,0"/>
		<lineto x="90" y="90" />
		<set linecap="1"/>
		<moveto x="10" y="90" />
		<lineto x="90" y="10" />
			<moveto x="10" y="90" color="0,0,1" fillcolor="0,0,1"/>
			<lineto x="50" y="10"/>
			<lineto x="90" y="90"/>
			<lineto x="10" y="90" />
			<stroke filled="filled"/>
		<showxy x="10" y="40" font="Helvetica-Bold" size="20" encoding="winansi" color="0.5,0.5,1.0">Template</showxy>

	<page format="A5" orientation="landscape">
		<outline id="page2" parent="sample2">Page 2</outline>
		<addthumbnail id="thumb" />
		<showxy x="150" y="350" font="Courier" size="20" encoding="winansi" charspacing="4">Pageformat DIN A5 landscape</showxy>
		<showxy x="100" y="290" font="Courier" size="20" encoding="winansi">using a template with scale attribute</showxy>
		<settemplate id="t1" x="100" y="230" scale="0.5" color="1,0,0"/>

	<page format="A5" orientation="portrait" font="Courier" size="20" encoding="winansi" color="0,0,1">
		<outline id="page3" parent="sample2">Page 3, template &amp; images</outline>
		<outline id="page3.2" parent="page1">Page 3 under Page 1</outline>
		<addthumbnail id="thumb" />
		<showxy x="200" y="520">image #1</showxy>
		<placeimage id="p" x="10" y="500" />
		<showxy x="200" y="420">image #2</showxy>
		<placeimage id="img2" x="10" y="400" />
		<settemplate id="t1" x="0" y="0" scale="2"/>
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