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// PclXml - readme.txt
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// License GNU/LGPL - October 2008
// Vincent Blavet - hide@address.com
// http://www.phpconcept.net
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// $Id
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1 - Introduction

  PclXml is a library that help working with XML files.

2 - What's new

  Version 0.4 :
    - Change all the object class. New name PclXmlTag to avoid confusion.
    - No backward compatibility with 0.3 and earlier.
    - With read_file() and read_string() options can be set. Option "uppercase"
      is supported today :
      $tag->read_file('myfile.xml','uppercase=true') which will put all tag names
      and attributes name in uppercase.
    - Add walk_reset() and walk_attributes() methods.
    - Add walk_childs() method. walk_reset() is used for both method.

  Version 0.3 :
    - Add method get_attribute() to get attribute of object or attribute of child object
      $child = &$obj->get_attribute('object.childA.childB(2).attribute_name') 
    - Add method get_child() to get child directly
      $child = &$obj->get_child('levelA.levelB[2].levelC') will get a reference
      to child 'levelC' of second child 'levelB' of child 'levelA' of $obj.
    - By default PclXml change any XML tag in lowercases. To stay in normal mode use :

  Version 0.2 :
    - First documented release ...

5 - License

  PclXml is released under GNU/LGPL license.
  This library is free, so you can use it at no cost.

  HOWEVER, if you release a script, an application, a library or any kind of
  code using PclXml library (or a part of it), YOU MUST :
  - Indicate in the documentation (or a readme file), that your work
    uses PclXml Library, and make a reference to the author and the web site
  - Gives the ability to the final user to update the PclXml libary.

  I will also appreciate that you send me a mail (hide@address.com), just to
  be aware that someone is using PclXml.

  For more information about GNU/LGPL license : http://www.gnu.org

6 - Warning

  This library and the associated files are non commercial, non professional work.
  It should not have unexpected results. However if any damage is caused by this software
  the author can not be responsible.
  The use of this software is at the risk of the user.

8 - Author

  This software was written by Vincent Blavet (hide@address.com) on its leasure time.

9 - Contribute
  If you want to contribute to the development of PclXml please contact hide@address.com
  If you can help in financing PhpConcept hosting service, please go to
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