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// # Create Payment using PayPal as payment method
// This sample code demonstrates how you can process a 
// PayPal Account based Payment.
// API used: /v1/payments/payment

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';
use PayPal\Api\Address;
use PayPal\Api\Amount;
use PayPal\Api\Payer;
use PayPal\Api\Payment;
use PayPal\Api\FundingInstrument;
use PayPal\Api\RedirectUrls;
use PayPal\Api\Transaction;

// ### Payer
// A resource representing a Payer that funds a payment
// Use the List of `FundingInstrument` and the Payment Method
// as 'credit_card'
$payer = new Payer();

// ### Amount
// Let's you specify a payment amount.
$amount = new Amount();

// ### Transaction
// A transaction defines the contract of a
// payment - what is the payment for and who
// is fulfilling it. Transaction is created with
// a `Payee` and `Amount` types
$transaction = new Transaction();
$transaction->setDescription("This is the payment description.");

// ### Redirect urls
// Set the urls that the buyer must be redirected to after 
// payment approval/ cancellation.
$baseUrl = getBaseUrl();
$redirectUrls = new RedirectUrls();

// ### Payment
// A Payment Resource; create one using
// the above types and intent as 'sale'
$payment = new Payment();

// ### Create Payment
// Create a payment by posting to the APIService
// using a valid apiContext.
// (See bootstrap.php for more on `ApiContext`)
// The return object contains the status and the
// url to which the buyer must be redirected to
// for payment approval
try {
} catch (\PPConnectionException $ex) {
	echo "Exception: " . $ex->getMessage() . PHP_EOL;

// ### Redirect buyer to paypal
// Retrieve buyer approval url from the `payment` object.
foreach($payment->getLinks() as $link) {
	if($link->getRel() == 'approval_url') {
		$redirectUrl = $link->getHref();
// It is not really a great idea to store the payment id
// in the session. In a real world app, please store the
// payment id in a database.
$_SESSION['paymentId'] = $payment->getId();
if(isset($redirectUrl)) {
	header("Location: $redirectUrl");
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