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// #Execute Payment Sample
// This sample shows how you can complete
// a payment that has been approved by
// the buyer by logging into paypal site.
// You can optionally update transaction
// information by passing in one or more transactions.
// API used: POST '/v1/payments/payment/<payment-id>/execute'.

require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';
use PayPal\Api\ExecutePayment;
use PayPal\Api\Payment;
use PayPal\Api\PaymentExecution;
use PayPal\Rest\ApiContext;

if(isset($_GET['success']) && $_GET['success'] == 'true') {
	// ### Api Context
	// Pass in a `ApiContext` object to authenticate 
	// the call and to send a unique request id 
	// (that ensures idempotency). The SDK generates
	// a request id if you do not pass one explicitly. 
	$apiContext = new ApiContext($cred);
	// Get the payment Object by passing paymentId
	// payment id was previously stored in session in
	// CreatePaymentUsingPayPal.php
	$paymentId = $_SESSION['paymentId'];
	$payment = Payment::get($paymentId);
	// PaymentExecution object includes information necessary 
	// to execute a PayPal account payment. 
	// The payer_id is added to the request query parameters
	// when the user is redirected from paypal back to your site
	$execution = new PaymentExecution();
	//Execute the payment
	$payment->execute($execution, $apiContext);

	echo "<html><body><pre>";
	echo "</pre><a href='../index.html'>Back</a></body></html>";
} else {
	echo "User cancelled payment.";
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