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<title>Particle Gallery Change Log</title>
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		<p class="sub1">Change Log<p>
		<p>All changes to the script should be accounted for here</p>
		<p><strong>Since 1.0.1</strong><br />
		Removed docs/README<br />
		Updated generators/preview.php<br />
		Updated generators/thumbnail.php<br />
		Updated includes/database.php<br />
		Updated includes/global.php<br />
		Updated includes/usersys.php<br />
		Updated install/install.php<br />
		Updated test.php<br />
		Updated viewimage.php
		<p><strong>Since 1.0.0</strong><br />
		Updated includes/functions.php<br />
		Updated includes/page_footer.php<br />
		Updated includes/page_header.php<br />
		Updated admin.php<br />
		Updated auth.php<br />
		Updated index.php<br />
		Updated moderate.php<br />
		Updated random.php<br />
		Updated rank.php<br />
		Updated search.php<br />
		Updated viewalbum.php<br />
		Updated viewimage.php
		<p><strong>Since 0.1.1</strong><br />
		Added cache/index.html<br />
		Updated index.php<br />
		Updated test.php<br />
		Updated viewalbum.php<br />
		Updated viewimage.php
		<p><strong>Since 0.1.0</strong><br />
		<i>This list has not been maintained properly and so is unreliable.</i><br />
		Updated includes/functions_skineditor.php<br />
		Updated includes/templates.php<br />
		Updated includes/usersys.php<br />
		Updated skineditor.php
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