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if you want to get diagram of parametric functions , you can use this class.
this class gets some parameters and shows the desired parametric function diagram 
in jpeg format. if you want, you can save that image by right clicking on it(like all 
images on internet) .
i have created a form for this class. just run index.html file.

NOTE: you must have GD installed to use this class .(enable GD2 extension
in you php.ini file .)
Reza Salehi

NOTE: you must enter f(t) and y(t) as 2 parts of your parametric function. 
enter x(t) and y(t) in php syntax!
ex: x(t)=t*t*sin(t/10);

for first  time just run index.html with initiated values.

Reza Salehi
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