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// Create new PageHeader instance, passing the site title.
$header = new PageHeader(".:: My Site ::.");

// Adds defaults headers to prevent cache.

// Adds description, keywords and robots
$header->Description = "Site description here";
$header->Keywords = "site, website, keywords";
$header->addRobot('robots', 'index, follow');
$header->addRobot('googlebot', 'noodp');
$header->addRobot('msnbot', 'noodp');
$header->addRobot('slurp', 'noydir');
//$header->Favicon = 'favicon.ico';

// Adds a CSS file that cannot will be cacheable (reloads everytime).
$header->addStyle('css/styles.css', false);

// Adds a javascript file thats can be loaded by cache.
$header->addScript('js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js', true);

// Write down the entire header.
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