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// Ex:1 - FETCH Images from WWW.YAHOO.COM

$MyView = new OverallTagView("http://www.google.com");
$MyView->fetchTagIntoArray();  // default is <img> Tag hence no need for parameter here
$MyView->show_overall_view(true); //  append main domain to Img src for preview purposes (Images links are relatives on page) 

// Example of how to retrieve specific value out of outputTagArray

echo '<br>';
echo '<b>'; 
echo 'Src for 1st Image  [$This->outputTagArray[1]["src"]]: '.$MyView->outputTagArray[1]["src"]."<br>";;
echo 'Width of 2nd Image [$This->outputTagArray[2]["width"]: '.$MyView->outputTagArray[2]["width"];
echo '</b>';
echo '<hr>';

// Ex:2 - Fetch Links from WWW.CNN.COM

$MyView = new OverallTagView("http://www.cnn.com");


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