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 <TITLE>NukeLayout - Mini-HOWTO: Introduction</TITLE>
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<H2><A NAME="s1">1.</A> <A HREF="nukelayout.html#toc1">Introduction</A></H2>

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NukeLayout Class is PHP class that allow you to develop web pages that
look and feel like PHPNuke. With out the need for a database and alot of
<P>It's design allows for the following examples
Intranet Portal where non-techinal are going to be responsible for the content.</P>
<P>SPs that don't provide database access can make it available to their clients,
allowing them to deploy personal/Business Web Portals.</P>
<P>Anyone wanting to deploy a non database driven portal can use this class</P>
<P>Without a lot of effort...</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss1.1">1.1</A> <A HREF="nukelayout.html#toc1.1">Copyright</A>
Copyright (c) 2002 by Chauncey Thorn</H2>

<P>Please freely copy and distribute (sell or give away) this document in
any format.  It's requested that corrections and/or comments be forwarded
to the document maintainer. You may create a derivative work and distribute
it provided that you:</P>
<LI>Give due credit to previous authors and major contributors.</LI>

<P>If you're considering making a derived work other than a translation,
it's requested that you discuss your plans with the current maintainer.</P>

<H2><A NAME="ss1.2">1.2</A> <A HREF="nukelayout.html#toc1.2">Disclaimer</A>

<P>Use the information in this document at your own risk. I disavow any
potential liability for the contents of this document. Use of the
concepts, examples, and/or other content of this document is entirely
at your own risk.</P>
<P>All copyrights are owned by their owners, unless specifically noted
otherwise.  Use of a term in this document should not be regarded as
affecting the validity of any trademark or service mark.</P>
<P>Naming of particular products or brands should not be seen as endorsements.</P>
<P>You are strongly recommended to take a backup of your system before
major installation and backups at regular intervals.</P>

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