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//Include the file and create an object
$niftycubeelement = new NiftyCube();

//Configure the border
$niftycubeelement->configureBorder('27', '336699', 'big');

//Set some colors to the thing
$niftycubeelement->setColors('FF0000', 'FFFFFF');

//We want transparent corners!

//Let's set the with of the page to 80%, and position it 3% from the top of the screen
$niftycubeelement->setPage('80%', '3%');

//Of course our page has a title
$niftycubeelement->setTitle('The Insanely Popular Rounded Webpage!');

//Maybe we want to include a Meta Tag
$niftycubeelement->addToHead('<meta name="keywords" content="Insanely Popular Rounded Webpage NiftyCube" />');

//A header
$niftycubeelement->addAbove('<h3>Insanely Popular Rounded Webpage NiftyCube</h3');

//And a footer
$niftycubeelement->addToFooter('<span style="font-size:xx-small">Made by Jon Gjengset</span>');

//Now we create som random output...
for ($i = 0; $i < 70; $i++)
	for ($o = 0; $o < 80; $o++)
		$niftycubeelement->addToBody(($o+$i) < 32 ? chr($o+$i+32) : chr($o+$i));
		if ($o%6 == 0)
			$niftycubeelement->addToBody(' ');
	$niftycubeelement->addToBody('<br />');

//And then we finally output our masterpiece

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