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The NiftyCube class uses the Nifty Corners Cube script made and developed by Alessandro Fulciniti (http://www.html.it/articoli/niftycube/index.html).
All credit goes to him.

This class utilizes his script to easily make webpages with a rounded look in configurable colors. It allows for custom footers, headers and tags inside <head>, all through simple methods.

To use this class, please download the .class.php file.
Next, download the Nifty Corners Cube files from the NCC homepage (See Links) and put them in the same folder as where you put the class file.


Methods of the class:
The methods of this class are as follows (* are obligatory, ! should not be run by user)
* configureBorder	(  width_of_border_with_unit		,border_color_code,		size_of_corners(big | normal | small)  )	//Configures the border basically
* addToBody			(  content_to_be_added_to_body  )																		//Has to be run at least once, adds content to the page
* setPage			(  width_of_the_page,				[, spacing_from_top		[, padding_in_content_box]]  )				//Sets page measures
setColors			(  outside_color_code				,inside_color_code,		[, border_color_code]]  )					//Sets various colors on the page
setTitle			(  page_title  )																						//Sets the page title (<title> tag)
addToHead			(  lines_of_code  )																						//Adds something inside the <head> tag
addToFooter			(  lines_of_code  )																						//Adds content underneath the page itself
addAbove			(  lines_of_code  )																						//Adds content above the page itself
setTransparency		(  true(on)_or_false(off)  )																			//Turns on and off transparency for the corners of the Cube (Handy for background images etc.)
show				(  return_true_false  )																					//Prints or returns the complete HTML
obShow				(  content  )																							//Made for use with ob_start, see ob_example file!
!draw				(    )																									//Draws all elements (sets up the styles)
!makePage			(    )																									//Sets up all HTML code
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