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// Net Shout
// www.php-net.net/

Read this before proceeding. 

This is version 1.0
MySql Database
user have all control in design
IP Banning
Poster Details 
Nick Banning
Language filter

// MySql Host
// mySql DB
// MySql Username
// MySql password

// admin username
// admin password

// Accounts NEVER used are removed in this many days.
$remove_unused_days = "7"; 

$minrefreshrateseconds = "60"; // Minimum refresh rate in seconds a
person can set their tagboard for. They can set it higher than this number, but never lower.

send all files from you server and go in your panel control and create all tables from sql file called net.sql
Go in admin area http://www.yourdomain.com/login.php !



or iframe 

<iframe name="iframetag" frameborder="0" src="http://www.mysite.net/net_tag.php" width="170" height="365">Your Browser must support IFRAME to view this page correctly</iframe>
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