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// Net Shout
// www.php-net.net/
// MySql Host
// mySql DB
// MySql Username
// MySql password

// admin username
// admin password

// Accounts NEVER used are removed in this many days.
$remove_unused_days = "7";

$minrefreshrateseconds = "60"; // Minimum refresh rate in seconds a person can set their tagboard for. They can set it higher than this number, but never lower.


$db = mysql_connect($dbaddress,$username,$password); if (!$db) die("Could'nt connect to the database");
mysql_select_db($mysqldb,$db) or die ("Could'nt open $db: ".mysql_error() );

$_links_admin="<span class=\"shoutwindow\">||  <a href='admin_show.php'>Home</a> ||  <a href='admin_config.php'>Config</a>   ||  <a href='?action=delete_all_shout' onClick=\"return confirm('Are sure? This action delete all posts ');\"'>Delete all Shouts</a>  ||  <a href='ips_banned.php'> Banneds IP</a>  ||  <a href='nick_banned.php'> Banneds Nicks</a>  ||  <a href='words_banned.php'> Language Filter</a> ||<br /><br />";
If(@mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT id FROM net_ban WHERE ip='$_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]'"))){
exit("You have been banned from this Net Shout by the admin.");

$qset1 = "select * from net_config";
$rset1 = mysql_query($qset1) or die(mysql_error());
$aset1 = mysql_fetch_array($rset1);

$background =$aset1['background'];
$display =$aset1['display'];

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