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Nearest "day of week"
John Borda Jan 2008 www.bordaline.co.uk
v 1.0.0

Takes a date, and returns the date of the nearest "day of week" e.g. Sunday.

Useful to work out nearest Sunday to a given Christian Feast day, but other applications may be possible.

I have added Daniel Abel's Paques_varDay class (dateSpeciales.php), as modified by myself to add Corpus Christi.  This is used as the source for some of the movable feast days, and may not be needed if you have other days you need to calculate. The comments are in French.
See: http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/4220.html for original package and documentation.

Working example is at: http://www.olise.co.uk/feastsdays.php, which I manage, and for which it was originally developed.
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