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<!-- jQuery part -->
<script type="text/javascript">

        // loading icon on ajax requests




    echo NConf_HTML::ui_box_header("Configuration Deployment");
    echo NConf_HTML::ui_box_content();

    echo '<div style="height: 20px;">
            <div id="loading">
                <img src="img/working_small.gif"> in progress...

    // Load deployment class and create object

    // Load the NConf Deployment class
    // It loads all the modules and handles the deployment basic stuff
    $deployment = new NConf_Deployment();

    // Loads the configuration of the user
    // nconf/conf/deployment.ini

    if ( NConf_DEBUG::status('ERROR') ) {
        // Show error if set
        echo NConf_HTML::limit_space( NConf_HTML::show_error() );
        // Start deploying the files

    echo '</div>';

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