Location: PHPKode > scripts > NConf > nconf-1.3.0-0/nconf/UPDATE/1.2.6_to_1.3.0/pre_db_update_extension.php
# pre DB-update extension for v.1.3.0 upgrade
# Allows users to migrate some attributes before the DB is updated
$pre_status = FALSE;
echo '</table><br><table width="400">';
if ( isset($_POST["submit"]) AND $_POST["submit"] == "Convert" ){
    # Convert logic

    $status = $_POST["submit"];
    switch ($status) {
        case 'Convert':
        # run migration
            echo table_row_description('Runing conversion script...', '');
            $feedback = '<pre>';
            $command = NCONFDIR."/bin/convert_timeperiods_collectors.pl";
            $output = array();
            exec($command, $output);

            # print each line
            foreach ($output AS $line){
                # Filter some lines:
                if ( empty($line)) continue;

                # Look for error
                if ( strstr($line, "ERROR") ){
                    $status = "error";

                # print lines
                $feedback .= "<br>$line";
            $feedback .= '</pre>';
            # Print feedback
            echo table_row_description('', $feedback);
            if ($status == "error") {
                echo '</table><table width="400">';
                echo table_row_check('Unfortunately there have been errors during conversion! This can have multiple reasons. NConf has not been updated to 1.3 yet. If you wish to debug manually (e.g. run script on command line), exit now.<br><br>If you wish to continue the update without converting your data click "Next".<br><br>', FALSE );
                # Display Convert button again, to allow users of 1.2.5 or earlier versions to change config and retry convert.
                if ( !empty($_SESSION["base_version"]) AND version_compare($_SESSION["base_version"], "1.2.5", '<=') ){
                    echo table_row_description('Updating from NConf 1.2.5 or earlier:', 'If you are updating from 1.2.5 or earlier, please read the corresponding README files or the online Release Notes of <u>each release your are skipping</u>. Make sure you add all new mandatory NConf options to you config. Current sample configs can be found in the config.orig folder. -> <a href="http://www.nconf.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=nconf:download:releasenotes" target="_blank">Link to Release Notes</a>');
                    echo table_row_description('', '<input type="Submit" value="Convert" name="submit" align="middle">');
                $pre_status = FALSE;
                echo table_row_description('Done.', 'The update will now proceed...');
                $pre_status = TRUE;
    # Show information and migrate button
    echo table_row_description('Convert timeperiods, nagios-collector and monitor parameters:', 
'In NConf 1.3 certain attributes belonging to timeperiods, nagios-collector and nagios-monitor servers have been removed.
Please refer to the "Release Notes" for a complete list of these attributes. -> <a href="http://www.nconf.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=nconf:download:releasenotes" target="_blank">Link to Release Notes</a>
If you click "Next", the update process will proceed to remove these attributes. Prior to removing them, you have the chance to "Convert" these parameters into host- and service-templates. 
That way, the original parameters will still be applied to hosts and services, but it will be done using ordinary Nagios inheritance functionality.
<b>If prior to the update you weren\'t using any of the mentioned attributes, or if you don\'t wish for any auto-created templates,
then you do not need to run the conversion. It is optional.</b>
Click "Convert" to run the conversion script.<br>
Click "Next" to proceed without running it.');
    echo table_row_description('', '<input type="Submit" value="Convert" name="submit" align="middle">');

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