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   NBS-Captcha Script README FILE

Version 1.0

Please follow the below simple steps to install the NBS-Captcha. 
Do note that this tool is a free-ware so does not come with any form of support. 


Step 1.
	Copy the whole NBS-Captcha folder into the same directory which your form script file is located.

Step 2.
	Copy the below script line and paste it just above your form's Submit button.
	For example, paste it just before the tag <input type="submit"> within your form file. 

	<iframe src='./NBSCaptcha/index.php' id='nbs' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' width='300px' height='180px'></iframe>


Step 3.
    	This step is optional where you can edit the background border colour of your NBS-Captcha display.
	Go to the settings.php file and edit the hex colour codes of the form background colour to a colour of your preference. 
	Remember to save this setting.php file after editing.

Step 4.
	Test by previewing the page which has your form file on your PC browser.

You are on the way to prevent spam by NBS-Captcha. 
Good luck and have fun!	

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