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Thank you for choosing MyWebFTP Free!
Please note that the use of MyWebFTP Free is subject to END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT
found in the licence.txt in the MyWebFTP Free zip file.

CURRENT VERSION IS 5.3.3. Last update: 19 Jan, 2008

1. Download MyWebFTP Free zip file.

2. On your computer extract all the files from this zip archive. 
Decide where you will be installing MyWebFTP Free on your server and upload there 
the following files: 


3. In the same directory create a new directory named 'mwftp5'. Change access mode 
for this directory to allow write access - make chmod 777. 

4. Run setup.php from your web browser. You will be presented with links to different installation parts.
To install the application from scratch you should follow all the options from left to right starting from 
Install Application Files to Create Default Configuration.
To upgrade your current installation to the latest version keeping your data and  confguration just click on Install Application Files, it will update the code files only. 

5. After the successful installation procedure you can use your MyWebFTP Free by pointing your browser at index.php. Default password is "temp", make sure you change it to something difficult to guess just after the first login. 

6. Please make sure that you delete the following files from your server after the installation: 

This application uses the excellent PclZip from http://www.phpconcept.net, please visit their site for more info and new versions.
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