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myVirtualNotepad 1.0 - World's Simplest Notepad Utility

This small and very simple PHP app is a notepad where you can keep notes, read it and update it
wherever you are. It's not a text editor where you can create and edit text files, it is a notepad, that's it.
It has only one large text area where you can edit the way you want with no fancy stuff (menus, buttons, etc).
It serves the purpose of storing NOTES, simple stuff, a URL, a telephone number, whatever.

It was designed to be as simple as possible, so it could be as portable and easy to install as it could.
You just have to copy the myvirtualnotepad.php file into whatever directory and it's DONE, no other install effort
is necessary.

ATENTION: If your PHP installation won't allow access to write/create files (in the same dir as the .php file) 
then this application won't work.

Features (or lack thereof):
- very basic, very simple, real usefullness, no fancy stuff
- no buttons, no options, just a textarea
- extremely basic operation: just type in whatever you want and press Ctrl-Enter to save.
- native control for unsaved stuff. The application will warn you if you change the notepad contents and 
  leave without saving it. Similarly to some editors, the title of the page will have a '*' sign if the
  contents within the notepad are unsaved, as well. Sweet!
- you can rename it to index.php and have it work as a root of somedir, say http://www.yoursite.com/notepad/,
  or to whatever you want, it will keep working regardless of the chosen filename. (cool!)

Missing features:
- No access control. Remember the "very basic" part? Just create your own, using .htaccess or whatever.
License info:
This is 100% free of use, of course.
Use in whatever ways you want and feel free to alter it and maybe make it better.

I'd appreciate if you left the credits on the footer though. =)
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