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$db = new Agency_Model;

// Get all results from database and echo them

foreach($db->find_all() as $record) {
	<p>Record <?php echo $record->id; ?>: <?php echo $record->name; ?></p>

// Insert new row into database from form submission.
// If you use the same input names and you use in your database it's as easy as this:

// That probably doesn't look to safe, but in the Database method "save",
// it escapes and sanitizes everything automatically.

// Then the same to update a row
$db->id = intval($_POST['record_id']);

// Same as
$db = new Agency_Model(2);

// Since the id is set before saving, it updates that row instead of inserting a new one.

// Find all with parameters
$records = $db->find_all('name ASC', 'id IN(1, 3, 4, 6, 7)', 'name, id, title', '0, 10');
// Which results in "SELECT name, id, title FROM agency WHERE id IN(1, 3, 4, 6, 7) ORDER BY name ASC LIMIT 0,10"

// Of course you can also use the database class w/out a model.
$db = new Database;
$records = $db->get();
// or just get first record
$record = $db->get_first();
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