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MySQL Charset correction tool v1.0

Global Internet d.o.o. - www.global.net.ba
Programming by Mario Mijic


1. Introduction
2. Usage
3. License

1. Introduction

MySQL charset correction tool is excellent tool for converting charsets in MySQL databases
without changing columns values.
It can be used after MySQL upgrade or after restoring missing databases to repair or
to convert charset.
This problem is often seen when doing restore of Joomla database to a newer MySQL version.
This tool doesn't require any manual conversions or any PHP & MySQL knowledge.
All it does is scan your database for tables, and then scans those tables for columns of types
All those columns are then converted to BLOB types, i.e. TINYTEXT is converted to TINYBLOB.
After that those BLOB types are returned to TEXT types but this time with desired charset
so no data is converted or affected in any way.
Doing this manually can be very long and painful work, but with this script it's a matter
of seconds.
Hope you'll find this script very useful.

1. usage

Point your browser to convert.php script, i.e. http://www.yourdomain.com/convert.php
Fill all html form fields (host, port, database, username and password), and chose desired charset to convert to.
Click on a "Start" button to start conversion.

3. License

This tool is free to use for personal and commercial use until all copyright and comment
lines remains intact in convert.php script file.
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