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// example of use
require ("include/class_MyImage.php");
// ----------------------------
// Init class. 
	$image=new MyImage("");
	$image->NewImage("image","pergam.jpg");						// this is out background
	$image->NewImage("label",$labim);							// image to add
$image->AddBord("rgb(220,220,220)",10,10,"label");				// to this image we add a border	
$image->AddBord("black",1,1,"label");							// and also another
$image->AddText("your choice","red","ariblk.ttf",30,0,true,0,0,"label");		// a text centered
$image->do_image("label");										// add the text to image
//	$image->ResetStoredText();						// we don't heed this line since it's done automatically
	$image->NewImage("home","home.png");			// load other images
	$image->AddToImage("label",200,290);			// add images to backgraound
// 	now we put into array storage all the text we want to add
	$image->AddText("Tenuta di Costa Prà","#000044","CPfont.ttf",72,0,true,0,-350);
	$image->AddText("hereby certifies that this","black","arial.ttf",24,0,true,0,-290);
	$image->AddText("belongs to","black","arial.ttf",24,0,true,0,100);
	$image->AddText("bottle named","black","arial.ttf",24,0,true,0,-180);
// the followinf text uses a font to big. We allow olny the 36% (.9*.4) of space for it. 
// font size will be reduced
	$image->AddText("your choice may be too long","red","ariblk.ttf",60,0,true,0,-80,"image",.4);
	$image->AddText("signed for Costa Prà","black","arial.ttf",16,0,true,0,300);
	$image->AddText("Mauro Zabot","black","arial.ttf",12,0,true,0,316);
// special font with signature
// finally we add a text with initials different fron the body of the words
// also this text is to long and will be resized
	$image->AddSplitText("If Your Name is too long we make it smaller","gothic.ttf",100,"#FF0000","gothic.ttf",100,"black",0,130,"image",0.85);
// add all wath's stored to image
// a final bord	
// and we send it to scrren
// and also write to images to hd

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