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This is a simple and free of charge PHP FLAT FILE script of CLASSIFIED ADS. It comes with a BASIC DESIGN and being ready to use. You can easy integrate it into your site. The outdated ads are removed automatically on basis of the number that specifies how many days it can be displayed. There is a list of most often used expressions by spammers that you can modify as you need to stop undesired ads from being posted. Categories of the ads can easily be changed to meet your needs. To download, see it working and use it go to: music-i-love.com -> ads -> Programming: Scripts (classified ads section).

Upload the whole 'ads' folder to your desired directory. Along with the script files, there should be an 'ads_entries' folder created in it. CHMOD, if required (to 755). In order to open the ads website you have to follow this URL pattern: http://www.my-domain.com/ads/ads.php . As soon as you opent it, you will find 1 classified ad in it in 'websites' category. Please don't remove it.

You can change variables in 'top_for_ads.php' file in a specified section as desired. Don't change anything else if you are not sure about it.

If you have any questions you are free to contact me hide@address.com

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