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// Include the connection file
include "connectrm.inc";

// Include the class file
include "class.multi.inc";

//Modify ths according to your requirements.

$sqltake="select COUNTRY from resume where RID='$rid'";

// Define an Object
$obj = new multi;


<!-- This is how it should be handled.
Here the first argument is the Value stored in the database field.
Second argument is the option value in the select form field.-->

<select name="country" multiple>
<option value="India" <?php echo $obj->sel($myrowtake["COUNTRY"],"India");?>>India</option>
<option value="Afghanistan" <?php echo $obj->sel($myrowtake["COUNTRY"],"Afghanistan");?>>Afghanistan</option>
<option value="Algeria" <?php echo $obj->sel($myrowtake["COUNTRY"],"Algeria");?>>Algeria</option>
<option value="Australia" <?php echo $obj->sel($myrowtake["COUNTRY"],"Australia");?>>Australia</option>
<option value="Austria" <?php echo $obj->sel($myrowtake["COUNTRY"],"Austria");?>>Austria</option>
<option value="Bahrain" <?php echo $obj->sel($myrowtake["COUNTRY"],"Bahrain");?>>Bahrain</option>

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