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class Thread   

version: 1.0	

by:Alex Lau


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

In this class, there are six properties

	var $func;  //The function name that you want to call

	var $arg;	//The arguments you want to pass in

	var $thisFileName; //This file's name

	var $fp;	//File pointer

	var $host;	//Host

	var $port;	//Port

And there are four methods,

	void Thread(string $host, [int $port = 80]) // constructor

	void setFunc(string $func,array $arg) 

		$func is a string of the function name

		$arg is an array of the arguments


				$arg = array ( 2, 3);

				$func = "test";

				The method will call test(2,3).

	void start()				  To start the thread

	mixed getreturn()			  To get the return value from the function that called by setFunc

	void setPort()				  To set the port

	void setHost()				  To set the host

Since serialize() does not support the resource type, this class cannot be used to pass in or return the resource type.


class Thread{

	var $func;

	var $arg;

	var $thisFileName;

	var $fp;

	var $host;

	var $port;

	function Thread($host,$port=""){

		$this->host = $host;

		if ($port != ""){

			$this->port = $port;


			$this->port = 80;


		$this->thisFileName = $_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"];


	function setFunc($func,$arg=false){


		$this->arg = "";

		if ($arg){

			foreach ($arg as $argument){

				$this->arg .= "&a[]=".urlencode(serialize($argument));



		$this->func = $func;


	function setPort($port){

		$this->port = $port;


	function setHost($host){

		$this->host = $host;


	function start(){

		$this->fp = fsockopen($this->host,$this->port);

		$header = "GET ".$this->thisFileName."?threadrun=1&f=".urlencode($this->func).$this->arg." HTTP/1.1\r\n";

		$header .= "Host: ".$this->host."\r\n";

		$header .= "Connection: Close\r\n\r\n";



	function getreturn(){


		while (!feof($this->fp)) {

			$buffer = fgets($this->fp, 4096);

			if ($flag){

				$output .= $buffer;


			if (trim($buffer) == ""){

				$flag = true;



		return unserialize(trim($output));



if (isset($_GET['threadrun'])){

	$arg = array();

	if (isset($_GET['a'])){

		foreach($_GET['a'] as $argument){
			if (get_magic_quotes_gpc() == 1)

				$arg[] = unserialize(stripslashes($argument));
				$arg[] = unserialize($argument);


	$return = call_user_func_array($_GET["f"], $arg);

	echo serialize($return);



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