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mSess was created due to an oddity in PHP5 that caused unreliable sessions.  While not exhaustively
proven, there was some evidence that the internal serializer/deserializer in PHP was having problems
with certain types of data, especially when larger amounts of data were packed into the $_SESSION

The net effect was mysterious, silent truncations in session data that were "inexplicable".  Manual
serialization efforts frequently returned errors on particular byte ranges.

While we could have modified the php.ini settings to make it use the built-in WDDX serializer to
address this, we wanted to take the opportunuty to develop a MySQL backend for use in projects that
needed to work on shared hosts, with privacy issues due to session data being stored in plain text
files in globally accessible temp folders.

The end result is mSess, featuring:

 - MySQL as a backend for storing session data
 - Simplified session handling (only three methods!)
 - Works in parallel with built-in PHP $_SESSION


Installation of mSess is simple.  Just include it:


In your PHP script and create as many instances of the mSess object as you need (you need to
configure each one, of course).

You will also need to create the database tables needed by mSess.  The schema is located in the
create_sessions_storage.sql file included with this archive.  Load it into the database of your
choosing and it will create a new table called "sessions".  By design, several web-sites/apps may
share a single sessions database/table as long as the PHP session manager can keep track of unique
session IDs, otherwise users might get served the wrong session data -- BEWARE!  Configure
accordingly and to taste.

Take a look at the included sample php scripts to get an idea how to use and configure the
mSess object.  You can see them in action by putting the mSess folder in a web accessible area,
and pointing your browser at http://yourserver/mSess/page1.php after setting up the sessions table
in your database.


This PHP class has been tested extensively on PHP5.2.5, and should have no problems working with that
and better.

Internally, the only "external" requirements are support for the WDDX and MySQLi extensions (yes, we
are using the improved extension).

As the distributable version of the class is encoded and encrypted using the IonCube Encoder you will
also need to add the IonCube Loader to your extensions by editing your php.ini file.  You can get the
instructions and download the necessary binaries here:



mSess is provided to the PHP community at large for no cost (see the license agreement -- LICENSE.TXT
and LICENSE.PDF -- for complete terms), but it did take time and effort to build and continues to
take time and effort to enhance and fix.  If you really find it useful or have really benefitted from
using it, or you just want to show appreciation please donate USD5.00 to hide@address.com
with a nice note on how it's helping you.  It's a real vote of confidence and encouragement :).

In any case, hope that you will enjoy this piece of software and that it helps you when you need it


Please send bug reports to: hide@address.com
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