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All of my scripts are 100% free for any use, including commercial. All that I ask is if you find my scripts helpful to encourage others to visit my website as well. Also if you're in a position to, donating (via button on the right side) greatly encourages me to release more :P All of my scripts are tested in LAMPP run on Ubuntu 8.04

Comes with 2 files, you'll need to edit index.html and change the text inputs as required as well as the graphic options as required. You'll also need to edit the siggy.php and change which graphics as used as the base, as well as the names of choices, and the location of the texts on the image. Remember that php_gd.dll will need to be enabled in the php extensions to be able to use this.

Remember if you find these scripts helpful please visit my site http://newearthpt.freehostia.com and tell your friends about it as well.
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