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Rewrite Function 
This function accepts an input and parses it into the $_GET, $_REQUEST, and $HTTP_GET_VARS Globals
If your script relies on register_globals being enbaled
call 	extract( $_GET, EXTR_OVERWRITE );
after runnng this function to reregister the $_GET array pair values in to the global namespace

	$request = the string variable you need parsed into the global namespace
	$array_delim = the array pair value deliminator
	$pair_delim = the deliminator that seperates pair names from pairs values
	void or no return value;

Example Usage:

In the .htaccess you have:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^somepage/(.*)\.html somepage.php?rewrite=$1 [L]

Your links:
Your original link url was: 	http://yoursite.com/somepage.php?id=20&name=funny
You change your url to:	http://yoursite.com/somepage/id-20/name-funny.html

In the script somepage.php you put this at the top:


if( $_GET['rewrite'])
	$request = $_GET['rewrite'];
	mod_rewrite( $request, '/', '-' );
# if you have register_globals enables uncomment the following
#	extract( $_GET, EXTR_OVERWRITE );


What happenes when a user clicks the link:

User sends request for "somepage/id-20/name-funny.html"
ModRewrite Engine is on and request matches pattern matches "somepage/"
ModRewrite engine changes the request to somepage.php?rewrite=id-20/name-funny
The PHP engine is called and the script is run
the $_GET['rewrite'] is processed by the mod_rewrite function

the mod_rewrite function changes this value "id-20/name-funny" into
$_GET['id'] = '20';
$_GET['name'] = 'funny';

then if you depend on register_globals being on ( read converting an old script )
you call this:
	extract( $_GET, EXTR_OVERWRITE );
right after the mod_rewrite function to put all the new $_GET variables into the global name space

viola !
mod_rewite made relatively easy


function mod_rewrite( $request, $array_delim, $pair_delim )
	$value_pairs = explode( $array_delim, $request );
	$make_global = array();

	foreach( $value_pairs as $pair )
		$pair = explode( $pair_delim, $pair );
		$_GET[$pair[0]] = $pair[1];		
		$_REQUEST[$pair[0]] = $pair[1];		
		$HTTP_GET_VARS[$pair[0]] = $pair[1];		

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