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/* first we need to require our MathGuard class */
require ("ClassMathGuard.php");
/* this condition checks the user input. Don't change the condition, just the body within the curly braces */
if (MathGuard :: checkResult($_REQUEST['mathguard_answer'], $_REQUEST['mathguard_code'])) {
	echo ("Great !"); //insert your code that will be executed when user enters the correct answer
} else {
	echo ("Bad answer, go back to school !"); //insert your code which tells the user he is spamming your website
You entered:
title: <? echo($_REQUEST['title'])?>; <br/>
description: <? echo($_REQUEST['description'])?> <br/>
keywords: <? echo($_REQUEST['keywords'])?> <br/>
url: <? echo($_REQUEST['url'])?> <br/>
email: <? echo($_REQUEST['email'])?> <br/>

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