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=== Malware Finder ===

Contributors: Rob Myrick

Tags: malware, malicious, virus, infected

Requires at least: 3.3

Tested up to: 1.1
Stable tag: 1.1
License: GPLv2 or later

The "Malware Finder" Plugin enables you to look inside all your Wordpress files at once to find malicious code. Say "good-bye" to hours of searching with no results!

== Description ==
Malware is a huge challenge in managing a Wordpress blog, not to mention that it can take hours to find where malicious code is hiding. But most likely you have access to at least one file (i.e. your homepage) that has been infected with malicious code.  Just paste a small piece of that code below and the plugin will search through your entire Wordpress installation, providing the EXACT locations of the infected files!  Please note that you WILL NOT be able to use this plugin if you are UNABLE to access your Wordpress Dashboard.

== Installation ==

Upload the Malware Finder plugin to your blog and activate it. Then go to Setting > Malware Finder to use the plugin. Then follow 3 quick and easy steps and you're finished!

== Changelog ==

Update #1: 

The directory structure of "function pluginpath()" inside mwfinder.php was updated to reflect a more accurate file directory reference. This may have prevented some servers from accessing the plugin folder that is required to copy process.php to the root Wordpress folder. We apologize for any inconvenience if the Plugin didn't work correctly for you.  

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