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  * Encodes email addresses in their respective ASCII values to prevent from spam robot harvesting
  * Creates a mailto: link for the given email address encoded in ASCII
	* All known Browsers can display this without problems, but spam harvest robots looking for "@"
	* will stay unsuccessful. Whereas this class can not guarantee 100% protection, it provides 
	* a good solution with no disantvantages for the reader, no Javascript is needed and the mailto:
	* is operational as well as copy/paste within the browser
	* Optional link text can be given, CSS class and Parameters for the Mailto: link
	* such as subject or mail text as associative array ("subject"=>"Mail from my website", "body"=>"Hi! I am sending You this email because I'm bored")
	* Since the object overhead for only one function is unnecessary, You can just use the mailto_encode method
	* as a standalone function
  * @param String [$sMail] email address
  * @param String [$sText] link text (optional)
  * @param String [$sClass] CSS class (optional)
  * @param Array [$aParams] parameters for subject, mail text etc. (optional)
  * @return String The encoder email adress complete with <a href="Mailto: ">
  * @author Konstantinos Dafalias <hide@address.com>
  * @version 1.0 date

class cMailto_encoder
		function cMailto_encoder()
			  # Really nothing to do here
		function mailto_encode($sMail, $sText="", $sClass="", $aParams=Array())
  			$sEncmail ="";
  			for($i=0; $i<strlen($sMail); $i++)
  			    $sEncmail .= "&#".ord(substr($sMail,$i,1));;
  			# If no link text, the email adress is used as text
  			if(!$sText) $sText = $sEncmail;
  			# "Mailto: " is added to link
        $sEncmail = "&#77;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#116;&#111;&#58;&#32;".$sEncmail;
  			$sParams = "";
  			foreach($aParams as $sKey=>$sValue)
  				  if($sParams) $sParams .= "&$sKey=".rawurlencode($sValue);
  					else $sParams = "?$sKey=".rawurlencode($sValue);
  			return "<a class='$sClass' href='$sEncmail$sParams'>$sText</a>";
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