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  Script: Maian Music v1.3
  Written by: David Ian Bennett
  E-Mail: hide@address.com
  Website: http://www.maianscriptworld.co.uk


$charset          = 'iso-8859-1';

$setup            = 'Maian Recipe - Auto Installation File';
$setup2           = 'Welcome to the installation file. Please check your connection information:';
$setup3           = 'Database Host';
$setup4           = 'Database Name';
$setup5           = 'Database Username';
$setup6           = 'Database Password';
$setup7           = 'Database Prefix';
$setup8           = 'Install Database Tables';
$setup9           = 'OK - Table Created';
$setup10          = 'ERROR - Table Aborted';
$setup11          = '<b>INSTALLATION TERMINATED!</b><br><br>One or more tables could not be created and the installation has terminated.<br><br>
                     Log into your server control panel and delete any tables that were created, then
                     try running the auto installation option again. Alternatively, revert to manual install.<br><br>Sorry for the inconvenience.
$setup12          = 'Install Maian Recipe Data';
$setup13          = '<span class="install"><b>INSTALLATION COMPLETE!</b></span><br>Don`t forget to delete or rename the "<b>/install/</b>" folder.<br><br>
                     Log in to your admin area with the log in details you specified earlier.<br><br>
                     <a class="lock" href="../admin/index.php" title="Go to Administration Area" onclick="window.open(this);return false">Go to Administration Area</a> &raquo;<br><br>
                     Thanks for trying Maian Recipe, I hope you have as much fun using it as I had coding it!<br /><br />David Ian Bennett<br />Maian Script World';
$setup14          = 'Creating tables...';
$setup15          = 'GD Graphic Library';
$setup16          = 'PHP Version';
$setup17          = 'Version Check';
$setup18          = 'Categories - Do you wish to pre-install the 80 default categories?<br />View the demo to see these categories. Check the box to install';
$setup19          = 'OK';
$setup20          = 'Not Installed';
$setup22          = 'Version Too Old';
$setup23          = 'Installation Aborted - PHP version too old!';
$setup24          = 'Connection Status';
$setup25          = 'Yes';

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