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<span class="headLeft">Upgrade Routines:</span>

<p>Please read these instructions carefully:</p>

<span class="headLeft">Upgrade Recommendations:</span>

<p>Converting a live system using the upgrade system isn`t recommended. Ideally its best to attempt the upgrade on a local server to make sure everything goes ok. I recommend duplicating your existing setup on localhost
and upgrading that one to see what happens. After you can re-import your database files and re-upload the system. If something goes wrong with a live site you`ll have to take it down.<br /><br />
Whichever way you choose, uprading is entirely at your own risk. <b>Always backup your system before you begin</b>.</p>

<span class="headLeft">Available Upgrade Routines:</span>


<span class="uRoutine"><a href="upgrade-5.html" title="v1.2 => v2.0 ONLY">v1.2 => v2.0 ONLY</a></span>

<span class="uRoutine"><a href="upgrade-4.html" title="v1.1 => v2.0 ONLY">v1.1 => v2.0 ONLY</a></span>

<span class="uRoutine"><a href="upgrade-3.html" title="v1.0 => v2.0 ONLY">v1.0 => v2.0 ONLY</a></span>

<span class="uRoutine"><a href="upgrade-2.html" title="v1.1 => v1.2 ONLY">v1.1 => v1.2 ONLY</a></span>

<span class="uRoutine"><a href="upgrade-1.html" title="v1.0 => v1.1 ONLY">v1.0 => v1.1 ONLY</a></span>


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