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EnlargeIt! - http://enlargeit.timos-welt.de

* v0.5 (beta)
First public release.

* v0.6 (beta)
Improved compatibility with DIV- or TABLE-based site layouts.

* v0.7 (beta)
Added drop shadow. 
Packed version included to reduce file size.

* v0.85
Added picture title as caption.
Better drag&drop support.
Better JS performance.

* v0.86
Better drag&drop performance.
Code optimizations - smaller, faster.
Thumb borders won't disturb anymore.

* v0.87
Added fail-safe mode (fall-back).

* v0.88
Fixed a Konqueror bug.
Added bump-glide mode.

* v0.89
Fixed: Clicking on thumb before page was loaded completely resultet in unwanted loading img.
Fixed: Caption could stay visible when enlarging and shrinking within milliseconds.
Fixed: When enlarging more than one pic at a time, one would look incorrect.
Better drag & drop performance.
Better looking caption.
Code optimizations.

* v0.90
Fixed: Version 0.89 introduced a bug so EnlargeIt! wouldn't work anymore if another Javascript changed window.onload.
Code optimizations: Packed version now is only 9 KByte again!
Added lot of comments to enlargeit_source.js to help understanding it better.
Added graphic files for button feature to come (buttons_act.gif, buttons_inact.gif).

* v0.91
!! UPGRADE NOTICE: Please replace 1pix.gif by 1pix.png when upgrading from v0.90 or earlier!  !!
Fixed: Drop shadow wouldn't work correctly with Konqueror.
Fixed: Konqueror had issues with enl_ani 1-3; now falling back to 0 for maximum compatibility.
Corrected license issues, now LICENSE.TXT is included and comment in JS files is correct for GPL 3.0.

* v0.92
Fully compatible with ImageFlow 0.9 (http://imageflow.finnrudolph.de)
Demo implementation: http://enlargeit.timos-welt.de/enl_iflow
Download Demo: http://enlargeit.timos-welt.de/enl0902_iflow09.zip

* v0.93
!! UPGRADE NOTICE: Please replace 1pix.gif by 1pix.png when upgrading from v0.90 or earlier !!
!! UPGRADE NOTICE: Please replace buttons_act.gif and -inact.gif with .png files when upgrading from v0.92 or earlier !!
New Feature: Close button. When turned on, a click into the pic won't close it anymore, you have to use the button.
New Feature: Darken screen when an image is enlarged. This way, only one pic at a time can be enlarged.
New Feature: Center enlarged pics on screen.
Fixed: Enlarged pics could be displayed out of the visible browser window under certain circumstances.


* v0.94
Fixed: IE6 in Quirksmode could display pics outside of visible browser window ('viewport')
Fixed: When visitor scrolled down in browser, pics could be displayed too large

* v0.95
- re-design: title bar with buttons and pic title
- removed pic caption feature (redundance with title bar)
- rounded borders in Safari and all Mozilla devirates
- AJAX capabilities
- re-design: buttons now freely configurable
- fixed: wrong picture position when thumb had set margin css attribute
- fixed: large pictures with very small thumbnails could crash IE in bump glide mode
- fixed: resizing browser window with enl_dark=1 did not always work correctly

* v0.96
- added next/previous button functionality and grouping of images by class
- removed enl_brd option (now always on). If you want no border, set brd_size to 0

* v1.00
- new: drag&drop functionality can be turned on/off
- new: preload of prev/next picture in grouped sets
- new: two new animation types 'smooth glide' and 'exp glide'
- new: additional darkening mode 2 stays dark while navigating
- fixed: navigation buttons were visible even if there wasn't a next/previous pic
- fixed: darkening wouldn't cover whole page in some cases

* v1.10
- new: arrow key navigation
- new: mouse wheel navigation (IE & Mozilla only)
- new: hidden call of counter URL
- new: smooth darkening fade
- new: custom mouse cursors over thumb and enlarged image
- new: buttons can move on to another page
- new: support for intermediate sized pics / maximize button
- new: SWF flash support
- new: video support (FLV, DivX, YouTube)
- new: border texture
- improved: stability when navigating quickly
- improved: smoothness of animation on slow computers
- fixed: EnlargeIt! wouldn't work without title bar
- fixed: AJAX snippets used to be cached by IE
- and many many other improvements
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