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//The address of your database
$dbserver = "localhost";

//The database name
$dbname = "database";

//The table to use in your database
$dbtable = "lxlinkexchange";

//The login name for your database
$dbuser = "login";

//Your database password
$dbpass = "password";

//Your password for LX
$password = "password";

//The location of your link page
$linkpageurl = "http://www.kaitaia.com/funny/links.shtml";

//The url you'll search for in reciprocal link checks, don't use the trailing /
$yoururl = "http://www.kaitaia.com/funny";

//If you want to allow links automatically, set this to no, if you want to check the links first, set it to yes
$reviewsubmissions = "no";

//If you want to email Webmasters when you delete their link, set this to yes, if you don't, set it to no
$emailwebmasters = "no";

//This is the email that the script will send messages to Webmasters from
$youremail = "hide@address.com";
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