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<div class="top">
<h4 class="floatR">a LuxSoft product</h4>
<h1>LuxCal Event calendar</h1>
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<center><h3>Release Notes / Change Log</h3></center>
<br />
<center><h4 class="redFlag">THIS IS NOT THE LATEST VERSION OF LUXCAL</h4></center>
<center><h4 class="redFlag">FOR THE LATEST VERSION GO TO <a href="http://www.luxsoft.eu">LUXSOFT</a></h4></center>
<br />
<br /><h4>Installation Instructions - First Time</h4>
<p>For first-time installations of the LuxCal Event Calendar, follow the instructions 
in the <kbd>installation_guide.html</kbd>.</p>
<br />
<h4>Installation Instructions - Upgrade to a new version</h4>
<p>To upgrade your LuxCal calendar to a new version follow the Upgrade Instructions 
under the release below.</p>
<br />
<h4>LuxCal 2.3 - Release: 2010.12.08</h4>
<h5>Upgrade Instructions</h5>
<br />
<p>If you are upgrading from an older version, carefully follow the next steps:</p>
<p>1. Make a backup copy of the <kbd>config.php</kbd> file located in the calendar 
			root on the server of your hosting provider.</p>
<p>2. If you have tailored the COLOR AND FONT DEFINITIONS in the style sheet file, 
			make a backup of the <kbd>css/css.php</kbd> file and apply the changes to the 
			new <kbd>css/css.php</kbd> file after successful installation.</p>
<p>3. If you have translated the language files, then back up your language files 
			<kbd>ui-{language}.php</kbd> and <kbd>ug-{language}.php</kbd> and read the 
			section Language Files hereafter.</p>
<p>4. Delete all LuxCal files and folders from the server, <span class="redFlag">
			<b>EXCEPT THE FILE <kbd>config.php</kbd> IN THE ROOT DIRECTORY</b></span>.</p>
<p>5. Download and unzip the latest version of LuxCal (file: <kbd>luxcalxxx.zip</kbd>, 
			where 'xxx' is the version number) and upload all files and folders to the 
			calendar root on the server.</p>
<p>6. Start the calendar by pointing your browser to the calendar root on the 
<p>7. If the calendar is displayed successfully, delete the following files from 
			the calendar root: <kbd>install.php</kbd> and <kbd>upgrade23.php</kbd></b></p>
<p>8. The <kbd>config.php</kbd> file in the calendar root on the server has changed. 
			Make a backup copy.</p>
<h6 class="redFlag">Note: If you are using a cron job to start the <kbd>notify.php</kbd> 
script and/or the <kbd>sendchg.php</kbd> script, then as of LuxCal 2.3 you only need 
one cron job to start the script <kbd>lcalcron.php</kbd>. Depending on the configuration 
settings, the <kbd>lcalcron.php</kbd> script will start <kbd>notify.php</kbd>, 
<kbd>sendchg.php</kbd> and <kbd>userchk.php</kbd>.</h6>

<h5>Language Files</h5>
<p>You should be aware of the following if you have translated the user interface 
language files <kbd>ui-{language}.php</kbd> and <kbd>ug-{language}.php</kbd> into 
an other language.</p>
<p>The following language files exist per language: ({lang} is the name of the 
<li>lang/ug-{lang}.php files: User guides for the calendar users</li>
<li>lang/ui-{lang}.php files: User interface language files</li>
<li>lamg/ai-{lang}.php files: Admin pages language files</li>
<p>All language files included in the LuxCal download are up to date with this 
LuxCal version</p>
<p>For certain languages we could not translate the new and changed texts. These 
texts were added / changed in English and still need to be translated.</p>
<h5>Changed Files</h5>
<p>== all .php, .html and .js files ==</p>
<h5>Change Log</h5>
<li><b>Changed presentation of RSS feeds.</b><br />
In the RSS feeds the events are now displayed in chronological order rather than by posted date. 
Furthermore, the RSS feed header text has been moved to the user-interface language file. 
All ui-{lang}.php language files have been updated. If the Public User has been given at least 
"view" access, RSS feeds are available without logging in.
<li><b>First log-in date, last log-in date and login counter</b><br />
For each user the following fields have been added to the database: date of first log in, date 
of last log in and a login counter. These fields are displayed on the admin's User page. An new 
field 'Max. nr of days not logged in' has been added to the admin's Settings page. If this 
field is set, 'inactive' users accounts will be automatically deleted. This only works if a 
cron job has been defined for the <kbd>lcalcron.php</kbd> script.
<li><b>New page with database functions for the admin</b><br />
A new admin page, called 'Database', with the following database functions has been added: 
check and repair database, compact database and backup database. The backup database function 
creates a backup of the structure and contents of all database tables in the <kbd>files/</kbd> 
directory. The file name is <kbd>cal-backup-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.sql</kbd> (where 'yyyymmdd' = year, 
month, and day, and hhmmss = hour, minutes and seconds). The file type is <kbd>.sql</kbd> and 
the created file can directly be used to re-create the database tables structure and contents, 
for instance by importing the file in the phpMyAdmin tool which is available on the server of 
most web hosts.
<li><b>Three new language packs</b><br />
Russian, Portuguese and Swedish language files have been made available by calendar users and 
are included in the LuxCal download.
<li><b>Language files updated</b><br />
The language files ug-{lang}.php and ai-{lang}.php have been updated in line with this LuxCal 
<li><b>LuxCal 2.3.1 - New admin setting "show event owner"</b><br />
A new admin setting "show event owner" has been added. This setting enables/disables the 
display of the event owner (the person who created the event) in the hover box in the various 
views, the Upcoming event view, the Changes view, the RSS feeds and email notifications.
<li><b>LuxCal 2.3.1 - Language files updated</b><br />
The language files ai-{lang}.php have been updated in line with this LuxCal version.
<li><b>LuxCal 2.3.2 - Language files updated</b><br />
The language files ai-{lang}.php have been updated. In all files, except the English language 
file, the user interface texts for the admin's Database page were missing and have been added.
<li><b>Cosmetic improvements:</b>
<br />- The length of the colored bar for the title in the Upcoming events view will be limited 
				to the length of the title text (rather than the full width of the description text).
<br />- The event category (color and text) has been added to the email notification messages 
				(on request of several users).
<br />- On the admin's Settings page, the User Account Settings have been grouped in a separate 
<br />- Data retrieval for events, categories and users optimized in notify script. 
<br />- The database query to retrieve the event and date fields has been optimized. 
<br />- Scripts that should run periodically (once a day) are now started via one single cron 
        job via the <kbd>lcalcron.php</kbd> script. <strong>DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR CRON 
<br />- When adding or editing categories on the admin's Categories page, the category 
				sequence (the order in the drop down list) of the other categories is automatically 
<br />- For all admin pages the HTML layout has been changed to better fit smaller displays / 
<li><b>Bugs fixed</b>
<br /> - Wrong interpretations of access rights in the Week and Day views.
<br /> - In the event description URLs with special characers (e.g. %20 (space), '+' and 
         '08:20AM') were not recognized.
<br /> - Blank color or background field for new and updated categories were not accepted.
<br /> - Double quotes in title field prevented the display of the text following the quote.
<br /> - The profile for the Public User could not be changed.
<br /> - In Month view the multi-day dots ("...") are not displayed for multi-day events 
					when part of the multi-days falls outside the view.
<br /> - The profile for the Public User could not be changed.
<br /> - LuxCal 2.3.1 - In Upcoming events view hyperlinks could not be clicked. To solve 
					this problem the sensitive area for the hover box has been reduced.
<br /> - LuxCal 2.3.1 - Events repeating every other, 3rd, 4th year were not (correctly) 
<br /> - LuxCal 2.3.1 - For repeating events with a start and end time, the start and end 
					time were not displayed in the second, third, etc. repeat.</li>
<br /> - LuxCal 2.3.2 - Bug solved for repeating events, where the start and end time 
					were not displayed in the second, third, etc. repeat.</li>
<br /> - LuxCal 2.3.2 - Some users compained about the bad visibility of the repeat box.
					In the CSS-file: short PHP-tag (<?=BGND5?>) for the repeat box background 
					replaced by the long notation (<?php echo BGND5?>).</li>
<br />
<br />
<div class="endBar">
	<font size='1'>design 2010 - powered by </font><font size='2' color='#660066'><b><i>LuxSoft</i></b></font>
<br />&nbsp;

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