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= LuxCal Development Notes =

To do list for next versions:
1. Add drag and drop functionality (if feasible in HTML5)

Change log - version 2.7.3:
1.  settings.php, ai-{lang}.php: On the admin's settings page the mini calendar 
    and the sidebar have been split and moved to the bottom of the page.
2.  lcmini.php, settings.php, ai-{lang}.php: On the Settings page - under Mini 
    Calendar - the admin has the option to specify the URL to be launched when a 
    user clicks the month at the top of the calendar to go to the full calendar. 
    This could for instance be the URL of a page with the embedded calendar.
3.  settings.php, header1.php, ai-{lang}.php: Two settings have been added to 
    the admin's Settings page under General to enable/disable the display of the 
    Todo List and Upcoming List buttons on the navigation bar.
4.  settings.php, header1.php, ui-{lang}.php: A setting has been added to the 
    admin's Settings page under General to choose between navigation bar buttons 
    with text or with icons.
5.  settings.php, toolbox.php, ai-{lang}.php: On the admin's settings page the 
    time format can now also be set to "hours with leading zeros".
6.  eventform1.php, settings.php, ai-{lang}.php: A new setting to enable/disable 
    private events has been added to the admin's Settings page.
7.  index.php, rssfeed.php, header1.php, headerm.php, footer1.php: If the user 
    has selected certain categories and/or users in the Options Panel, the same 
    filter will be applied to the RSS feed so that the RSS feed events always 
    match the currently displayed events.
8.  rssfeed.php: Repeat information (like: "Repeat every week until dd.mm.yyyy") 
    has been removed from the upcoming events in the RSS feed, because it had no 
    added value.
9.  header1.php, header1.php, headerm.php, toolbox.js, ui-{lang}.php: To make  
    the use of the Options button more clear to the user, when pressed the text 
    on the button will change from "Options" to "Done".
10. index.php: The PHP session name is now set to a computed calendar ID. This 
    avoids interference among multiple calendars in the same domain and accessed 
    from the same computer.
11. css.php, lctheme.php, css_mini.php, lctheme_mini.php: The font family and 
    size of the event details in the hover popup box has been added to the theme 
    files of the full and the mini calendar and can now easily be tailored.
12. index.php: Cookies used to remember users (remember me) now have a unique 
    name per calendar and should cause no mix up any more when using multiple 
    calendars on the same computer.
13. lcsbar.php, retrieve.php, retrieve2.php, header1.php, headera.php, 
    categories.php: The event category filter is now based on category sequence 
    numbers rather than category IDs. The sequence numbers can be found on the 
    admin's Categories page, which is more transparent to the admin.
14. event.php: Measures have been taken to prevent unauthorized viewing of 
    private events by maliciously opening the event window directly via the URL.
15. categories.php: Validation added for the sequence number entered in the 
    category form, to avoid invalid input causing a MySQL syntax error.
16. categories.php: In the form to add a new category, the sequence number field 
    is pre-filled with the next available number.
17. index.php, install.php, upgradexxx.php: Configuration file lcaldbc.dat with 
    encrypted db credentials replaced by a unencrypted lcconfig.php file. Better 
    security (.php file) and db credentials easier to change by the admin.
18. events.php, ui-{lang}.php: Before adding, updating or deleting an event a 
    last minute rights check is performed, to avoid unauthorized event table 
    updates when the event window is left open while logged out.
19. phpinfo.php: This file has been removed from the distribution, to reduce the 
    risk of retrieval of sensitive information by malicious users.
20. updatexxx.php: Update script improved. Better recovery from old releases and 
    error reporting more clear.
21. toolbox.php: Error in regex for URLs, causing a problem to display URLs in 
    month view, solved.
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