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To do for this version:

To do for next versions:
1. add a tasklist/notes "sidebar". (task/note = text field linked to a date). The 
   sidebar should be movable.
2. store last user settings on the server in the database (user table) rather 
   then in a session cookie. Not sure yet about this??

Done for version 2.3.0:
24. dw_functions.php: the test on access rights was done before the event was 
    extracted from the $evtList. This resulted in a wrong interpretations of 
    access rights in the Week and Day views.
25. event.php, month.php, importICS.php: optimized the regex which validates 
    URLs. It didn't recognize for example URLs containing %20 (space), '+' and 
26. categories.php, retrieve.php: accept a blank color or background field for 
    new and updated categories. When retrieving events set blank color fields 
    to default colors (black and white respectively).
27. event.php: Double quotes in title field prevents the display of the text 
    following the quote.
28. notify.php, event.php: The event category (color and text) has been added 
    to the email notification messages. (Request of several users)
29. users.php: Cannot change profile for Public User.
30. notify.php: Data retrieval for events, categories and users optimized in 
    notify() function (inner join).
31. ui-russian.php, ai-russian.php, ug-russian.php: Russian language files 
32. ui-portuguese.php, ai-portuguese.php, ug-portuguese.php: Portuguese 
    language files added.
33. ui-svenska.php, ai-svenska.php, ug-svenska.php: Swedish language files 
34. retrieve.php: In Month view "..." was not displayed for multi-day events 
    when part of the multi-days falls outside the view. Solved.
35. event.php: The query to retrieve the event and date fields optimized (SQL 
    inner join).
36. event.php: When the user enters an end date which is identical to the start 
    date, the end date field is blanked when the event is saved.
37. login.php, settings.php, users.php, ai-{lang}.php files, install.php: for 
    each user the following fields have been added to the database: date of 
    first log in, date of last log in and a login counter.
38. lcalcron.php, userchk.php, notify.php, sendchg.php: Scripts that should run 
    periodically (once a day) are now started via one single cron job via the 
    lcalcron.php script. Saves cron jobs.
39. categories.php: when adding/editing categories, the category sequence (the 
    order in the drop down list) of the other categories is automatically 
40. all admin pages: layout changed to better fit smaller displays.
41. database.php, index.php, header.php, ai-{lang}.php, ui-{lang}, ug-{lang}: 
    New page with database functions added. Functions: check and repair 
    database, compact database and backup database.

Done for version 2.3.1:
42. upcoming.php: Moved the 'onclick code' to the title of the event only, rather 
    than the whole event text, so that URL links in the description work.
43. settings.php, ai-{lang}.php, all views files, upgrade230.php, install.php 
    installation_guide.html, conjob files: New admin setting "show event owner" 
44. retrieve.php: Bug solved for events repeating every other, 3rd, 4th year.
45. retrieve.php: Bug solved for repeating events, where the start and end time 
    were not displayed in the second, third, etc. repeat.
46. css.php: short PHP-tag (<?=BGND5?>) for the repeat box background replaced 
    by the long notation (<?php echo BGND5?>). 
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