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== LogLimiter
== A PHP class for login attempts abuse preventing.

= What is LogLimiter
LogLimiter implements an easy way to limit the login attempts from an user
in a time period, for preventing things like bruteforces attacks.

= Using LogLimiter
LogLimiter usage is simple. It is explained in the example file, moreover 
the class file is heavily commented.
The only thing you need to do is to create the MySQL tables of LogLimiter 
(use the tables.sql dump file).

= LogLimiter License
LogLimiter has not a license. Simply do what you want.
I just enjoyed coding Token, don't care about.

= Author contacts
Website: http://sydarex.org
Email: hide@address.com

= Notes
This is, in fact, a re-release of LogLimiter; I had already released it
time ago.
The only difference is the license change.
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