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  1. Requirements

     o PHP 4.0.4 Over ( Must GD support )
     o MYSQL 3.23.xx Over
     o  A little disk space

  2. Installation

     o Extract zip or tar.gz linker file
     o Upload all the files to a folder on you server
     o Chmod below files to 666 
     - function/base_info.php 
     - function/emphasis_info.php
     - function/pass_info.php
     - function/search_info.php
     - function/userfield_info.php
     - template/{template_directory}/{all html files}

     o Chmod upfile directory to 777

     o Go to http://Yours_domain/Linker_directory/install/, Run install script.
     o Fill input box and follow next step...
     o Admin connection address is http://Yours_domain/Linker_directory/manage 

3. You must keep go on License status.
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