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# ----------------------------------------------------
# ----- Version 3.4
# ----- Created on: 05/04/07
# ----- Designed by: American Financing
# ----- http://www.americanfinancing.net
# ----- For more scripts, please visit us at http://www.americanfinancing.net/free-scripts.cfm
# ----- Please feel free to modify this script for your own purpose.
# ----- ENJOY!!!
# ----------------------------------------------------


Please note that web hosting companies may or may not
let you use this script or may block or limit portions of it.

An example would be file size limit. The limit is set at 2megs
for this script, which you can alter more or less if you like.

In general 2megs is the limit that some hosting providers will
let you upload at a time through http.

Others restrictions may include that only certain file types
are limited.

The best way to find out is just to configure and upload the
script and test it.


The first thing you will need to do is configure the output.php
file. Open the output.php file and edit the general settings
where needed. You will see // CHANGE THIS....

These are the basic settings to make the script function. You
can modify anything you like, just keep a backup in case.

When you upload the files, you will need to chmod the directory
called "uploads" to 0777 read and write.

You can alter the look of the header.html and footer.html to your liking.
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