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Links admin readme

A class by Mick Sear, eCreate, utilising my own simple templating
class and db connection class as well.


1) Copy files to a folder within your web root.
2) Create a database (if required)
3) Edit config.php to add in database connection details
4) Import the following SQL to create the necessary tables:

CREATE TABLE channels (
  id int(5) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  name varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
  description text,

  id int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment,
  url varchar(254) default NULL,
  description varchar(254) default NULL,
  rating int(1) default NULL,
  channel varchar(50) default NULL,
  keywords text,
  published int(1) NOT NULL default '1',
insert into channels(id, name, description) values('', 'general', 'General Links');

5) Change the authentication mechanism if necessary, and templating if necessary.  This way, this system can
easily be integrated into your own system.  Basic form authentication is included.

6) Point your browser at http://yourdomain/somefolder/login.php

7) Log in with username 'admin', password 'password', create a few channels, and add links!

8) Use the snippets getLinksByKeyword.php and getLinksByChannel.php as a basis for your front-end code.
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